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The Iron Kite - No Eyebrows cd - $9.00

No Eyebrows is a document of the Iron Kite live and in effect at Beerland in Austin, Texas on 9/19/04. "This one starts out with a fried forest of percussive hump and throat ritual that sparks the same kind of brain-pyre as the more blackly folkloric Sun City Girls recordings. As the track progresses, the gongs start to sound more like human skulls and the combination of punk guitar flail, moog, and percussion drags the whole deal all the way through to an alternative time-line where The Familiar Ugly scored an extended, cassette-only cover of the dying seconds of No New York." - David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue. "No Eyebrows is spontaneous, beautiful rock that sort of answers the question 'What if Red Krayola's free-form freakout actually went somewhere?'. Krautheads, No-Neckers, and Dead C swimmers rejoice!" - Lee Jackson, Foxy Digitalis


Ethereal Planes Indian - Smoke Signals cd - $9.00

The second release by Ethereal Planes Indian displays a wider palette of sounds, as well as a larger arsenal of instruments. Vocal/percussive workouts and subdued accoustic rambles swirl, collide, and disperse into moog freakouts, psych guitar jaunts, and other sounds between and beyond. "The gentle psychedelic beauty shines gently through the trees of this guy's metaphorical forest and at its best this is approaching dreamlike folk hypnosis in the true essence of the word. The percussive workouts, the restrained meandering acoustic passages as well as the side trips into roaring psychedelia brings to mind the Australian mymwly collective and some of the artists on the Digitalis label, but this is at the same time slightly more blues-tinged and song based. Add to all this ample use of Moog, a tasty bedroom-psych atmosphere and the occasional murky vocal contribution and you get yourself a disc that will continue to fascinate long after the first ten listens." - Mats Gustafson,

TFS006/Wholly Other

The Friday Group - Crystal Eunuch Reversal cdr - $9.00

Here it is! The new Friday Group release, another co-release with Wholly Other. Culled from live performances on the West Coast in 2005, this disc is a bit of departure from the more serene self-titled debut and Wet Fur cdr. In fact, it's quite rambunctious at times! Blissed out guitars being punctured by vocal whoops and groans, while slithering percussion seeps through the cracks. Over the course of 3 tracks , the core line-up of Tom Carter, Matt Martinez, Shawn McMillen, and Brian C. Smith howl at the skies. Absolute head music, filled with summer sun and smoke. Edition of 150 copies, each with a uniquely colored cover. Only 2 copies left!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wholly Other - WHO 014LP

The Friday Group - Who Wants to Look at a Bunch of Broken Pottery When You Can Haul Ass Down The Freeway one sided silkscreened LP - $20.00

Extremely limited pressing of only 214 copies! A pretty heavy and heady collage of some of the remaining recordings from the 2005 West Coast tour. This is a one-sided record. Blood red silkscreen on the flip side.

Beta Lactum Ring Records - MT070 LP

The Friday Group - s/t LP - $15.00

The debut release from the Friday Group! Group features Tom Carter (Charalambides), Shawn David McMillen (ex-Ash Castles on the Ghost Coast, Iron Kite), Brian Smith (Iron Kite, Ethereal Planes Indian), and Matt Martinez (ex-Primordial Undermind). "A slow smear of nocturnal tone and dead air blues that moves from incandescent, almost Popol Vuh-styled tone pools through to tranced monochord rituals." - David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue Only 1 copy left!

Twilight Flight Sound Discography

TFS-001 Ethereal Planes Indian - s/t cdr (
out of print)
TFS-002 The Iron Kite - The Light in the Fog cdr (
out of print)
TFS-003 The Iron Kite - No Eyebrows cd
TFS-004 The Friday Group - Wet Fur cdr (
out of print)
TFS-005 Ethereal Planes Indian - Smoke Signals cd

TFS-006 The Friday Group - Crystal Eunuch Reversal cdr