Thursday, February 17, 2011


The Iron Kite - No Eyebrows cd - $9.00

No Eyebrows is a document of the Iron Kite live and in effect at Beerland in Austin, Texas on 9/19/04. "This one starts out with a fried forest of percussive hump and throat ritual that sparks the same kind of brain-pyre as the more blackly folkloric Sun City Girls recordings. As the track progresses, the gongs start to sound more like human skulls and the combination of punk guitar flail, moog, and percussion drags the whole deal all the way through to an alternative time-line where The Familiar Ugly scored an extended, cassette-only cover of the dying seconds of No New York." - David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue. "No Eyebrows is spontaneous, beautiful rock that sort of answers the question 'What if Red Krayola's free-form freakout actually went somewhere?'. Krautheads, No-Neckers, and Dead C swimmers rejoice!" - Lee Jackson, Foxy Digitalis

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