Thursday, February 17, 2011

TFS006/Wholly Other

The Friday Group - Crystal Eunuch Reversal cdr - $9.00

Here it is! The new Friday Group release, another co-release with Wholly Other. Culled from live performances on the West Coast in 2005, this disc is a bit of departure from the more serene self-titled debut and Wet Fur cdr. In fact, it's quite rambunctious at times! Blissed out guitars being punctured by vocal whoops and groans, while slithering percussion seeps through the cracks. Over the course of 3 tracks , the core line-up of Tom Carter, Matt Martinez, Shawn McMillen, and Brian C. Smith howl at the skies. Absolute head music, filled with summer sun and smoke. Edition of 150 copies, each with a uniquely colored cover. Only 2 copies left!

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